Root Canals and Extractions

It would be insincere to pretend that the very mention of root canal therapy and tooth extraction does not still cause concern for some people. However, at Northwestern Family Dental Care, we want to assure you that there is nothing to be concerned about when it comes to root canals and extractions.

Root Canals

Sometimes that nagging toothache is trying to inform you that there is a more serious problem going on inside the affected tooth. One such problem is the inflammation or infection of the tooth pulp. If left untreated, infected tooth pulp can lead to gum disease, as well as the spread of tooth decay to the surrounding teeth. In the root canal procedure, the pulp of the affected tooth is removed and replaced with a rubber-like substance to maintain the integrity of the tooth structure. Then, a cap or crown is placed over the tooth to prevent any bacteria or food particles from entering in.

Tooth Extractions

It is our highest priority to save your teeth, but on occasion, it is necessary for us to extract teeth in order to maintain your good oral health. Here are a few reasons why we might recommend tooth extraction:

  • Advanced tooth decay can lead to even more serious oral problems.
  • Some orthodontic procedures require the extraction of teeth in order to properly straighten the remaining teeth.
  • Occasionally, a baby tooth will stubbornly linger past its lifespan, preventing the adult tooth from growing in.
  • Sometimes the wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in the mouth when they finally erupt from the gums, which can lead to jaw discomfort and difficulty in flossing.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to severe headaches, which can be disrupting to your daily routines.

If you are recommended for a tooth extraction or a root canal therapy procedure, know that we will treat you with the special care that you deserve. After all, our end goal is a healthier happier you!