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Things You Must Know About Emergency Dentistry

An emergency dentist offers treatment to patients who need immediate treatment for an oral care problem or dental injury that cannot wait more than some days. While many have heard about emergency dentistry in Covington, it is helpful to have full knowledge of what it is? In this blog, we discuss things that you must know about emergency dentistry.

Useful Emergency Dentistry Insights

Every emergency dentist is amazing and has its own set of procedures offered. However, there are a few things that patients can expect from an emergency dentist in Covington throughout the whole treatment process. The following are four important things you must know about emergency dentistry. 

Emergency Dentistry Can Treat A Wide Range Of Issues

Some have the misconception that emergency dentistry is only for treating patients with dental trauma. However, there are many problems that emergency dentists can effectively and efficiently deal with, including

  • Chips & cracks
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Dental abscesses
  • Lost crowns
  • Extreme sensitivity

Emergency dentist in Covington will offer their own set of treatments, so it is crucial to check for or ask about a practice’s services before arrival. However, it is common for most emergency dentists to treat the majority of mild to severe symptoms that result from an oral health problem or dental injury. 

Emergency Dentists Are Educated & Trained

Emergency dentists are dental professionals and get mainly the same education and training as family, general and cosmetic dentists. In general, emergency dentists in Covington take patients without an appointment or with an appointment much more shortly than a general dentist or family dentist might provide. They comprehend and take seriously the urgency in which treatment is essential during a dental emergency.

Emergency Dentists Offer More Flexible Scheduling

As mentioned, how emergency dentists schedule appointments are typically different. While all types of dentists have particular hours, and it is crucial to check and call ahead, emergency dentists in Covington generally see patients much faster. Some emergency dentists fulfill emergency requirements by offering unique hours, such as by working nights or weekends. Others may do so by working on normal hours and not needing an appointment for treatment. 

Emergency Dentists Help More Than Emergencies

Although they manage to handle dental emergencies more efficiently than other branches of dentistry, emergency dentists in Covington typically offer many of the same services that family and general dentists offer. In most cases, patients can still schedule in advance for a routine dental checkup that is not an emergency, such as getting a filling for a cavity that is not extreme or show concerning signs. 

Learn More About Emergency Dentistry In Covington

To determine how an emergency dentist in Covington can help you, give us a call and discuss treatment options. The team at our emergency dentistry in Covington office helps patients during a dental emergency, and we understand how crucial urgent, and quality treatment is. If you would like more information or need treatment for a dental emergency, you must contact us today to meet one of our expert Covington emergency dentists. Schedule an appointment today.

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