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Dental Technology

Everywhere you look, it seems some process has been improved with the help of advances in technology. Dentistry is no exception. At Northwestern Family Dental Care, we use several different types of dental technology to assist us in providing you with excellent oral care.


Unlike the older dental X-ray machines, digital X-ray allows for a more immediate observation and assessment of what is going on with your dental health that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We are also able to immediately share with you what we see, to get your input about which treatment options are best.


With laser dentistry, we are able to perform oral surgery with minimal bleeding and much faster healing and recovery. We can also perform procedures such as gum contouring to trim away excess gum tissue. Lasers are also handy in assisting us in exposing adult teeth that are late in erupting from the gum.


Getting the full picture point of view is always a good idea in any assessment, and with cone-beam technology, we are able to do just that. The 3-D images of cone-beam X-rays are an excellent way to see how the teeth, gums, and jaw are doing in relation to each other. We are also able to detect any problems that might otherwise be hidden in a two-dimensional image.


One of our routine procedures performed during your six-month dental check-up is oral cancer screening. The intraoral scanners are excellent in assisting us with oral cancer examinations and other types of intraoral examinations. In fact, at Northwestern Family Dental Care, we use two types of intraoral scanners, and each has its own specific purpose.

  • CEREC, which stands for ceramic reconstruction, is a machine that allows us to design custom dental appliances like dental bridges, crown, onlays, and inlays. The CEREC technology has increased the time and efficiency of fabricating restorative devices.
  • iTero is an intraoral scanner that allows, among other things, the immediate assessment of orthodontic progress. It is especially useful in assisting with the Invisalign process.

Give us a call at Northwestern Family Dental Care today to see how we can employ our technology to provide you with excellent oral health care!