Sedation Dentistry

It matters a lot to us how you feel when you are at our offices for your oral checkup. So, if you are fearful or have increased anxiety about dental procedures, please let us know. We want to help relieve your concerns because your fear of the dentist could cause you to avoid important oral care appointments. Sedation dentistry helps calm anxieties during dental procedures.

We offer sedation dentistry in a variety of ways because no two people are alike. We will treat you like the unique individual you are when recommending your sedation procedure. We offer three types of sedation procedures:

  • Laughing gas (or nitrous oxide) is used for as a mild sedation method because it allows you to remain conscious and aware during your dental procedure. This type of sedation is administered by placing a small mask over the nose.
  • Oral conscious sedation is another form of mild sedation, but unlike laughing gas, it is administered orally in the form of a pill or liquid. This is potentially a better option than laughing gas if you have problems with inhaling or if you have concerns with wearing a mask over your nose. You will need a driver to and from your appointment.
  • Intravenous or IV sedation is a better choice for anyone who wants to be completely unaware of what is happening during their dental procedure. Dr. Hanks is certified to administer IV sedation. With this type of sedation, you are not asleep, but you may not be able to remember the appointment. You will someone to drive you home.

Don’t let fear of the dentist keep you from the dental care that will help prevent tooth decay and other problems. Give us a call at Northwest Family Dental Care, and we will help you choose the right sedation option to relieve your dentist office anxieties!