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As part of our full-dental services, we offer orthodontic treatment and procedures. One of our orthodontic options is Invisalign aligners. We can use Invisalign aligners to correct many different types of orthodontic conditions, such as gapped or crooked teeth or misaligned bites.


If you are currently experiencing these dental conditions, you might be a candidate for Invisalign aligners. Invisalign are, as the name suggests, nearly invisible dental aligners. They are made from BPA-free material that is comfortable and effective.

The Invisalign process is safe, gently guiding your teeth into place using a series of clear aligners. These aligners can be removed for eating, photos, meetings, and other important activities. Invisalign is an especially popular option for professionals who want to maintain a particular aesthetic.

There are no eating restrictions with Invisalign aligners, because the aligners are removed before eating! This means no food caught in your braces, no difficult cleaning processes, and no missing out on your favorite treats.

Invisalign clear braces give you a straighter smile comfortably. Invisalign is convenient, professional, and effective, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle without neglecting your smile. Talk with us today to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign!

Traditional Braces

In addition to Invisalign aligners, we offer traditional orthodontic care. Bracket-and-wire braces are still the most popular, and they are a highly effective method for straightening teeth and aligning your bite.

Orthodontia is not just for teenagers anymore. Over 30 percent of orthodontics patients in the United States are over the age of 18! There’s never a better time than now to get the straighter smile you desire.

If you need orthodontic treatment, give us a call at Northwestern Family Dental Care to schedule an appointment. We will evaluate your unique situation to see which orthodontic procedure is the best fit for you!