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Invisalign Near Me

How Long Does It Take Invisalign To Work?

Tired of bad oral hygiene and misaligned teeth? Don’t worry, Invisalign is here. It is your one-stop solution to getting the best-aligned teeth, which you always desired. Using Invisalign helps you to reduce the risk of possible gum problems, followed by chewing difficulties. Treat your crooked teeth today with Invisalign and get to know the time you need for it. 

How Does Invisalign Work?

Also known as clear aligners, Invisalign is custom-made only for you based on the impression of your teeth. It is made with BPA-free plastic, which is not harmful to your teeth and you get the straight teeth that you always have desired. In the initial phase of your treatment, your dentist will give you new aligners at an interval every week. There are certain steps involved with the treatment of Invisalign:

  • Needless to say, you need to have a proper consultation with your orthodontist.
  • After consulting with your dentist, you will be given a custom treatment plan, which will help you to get along with the treatment effectively. 
  • The dentist will take impressions of your teeth to customize those aligners and you will wear them after this. 

A basic fact about Invisalign is that it is not at all painful. Although there might be minor sores in your gums, which will happen since you are using it for the first time. And guess what! You can even wear your aligners when you sleep and no need to remove them while eating or talking. 

Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign and clear aligners are regarded as one of the revolutionary aspects of orthodontic treatment, which is responsible for straightening teeth. You no longer need to have traditional metal braces for taking care of your crooked teeth. Since they are almost invisible to see in comparison to braces, most people prefer the use of Invisalign. This makes Invisalign a beneficial option for you:

Fewer Dental Visits 

Yes, you heard that right- Once you get your Invisalign, you don’t need to visit your dentist frequently. Unlike traditional braces, these aligners are custom-made and do not require dental visits for further evaluation. 

Better Dental Health 

Clear aligners like Invisalign are considered to treat crooked or misaligned teeth. This helps in reducing bad gum health. It also helps in eliminating dental crowding, which often tends to affect your oral health largely. 

Fixing Crooked Teeth 

Getting aligners for misaligned teeth is considered to be a gradual process, which often takes time. Invisalign is mostly applied on crooked teeth, which helps you get straightened teeth in no time. This eventually contributes to better oral health effectively.  

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

With the development of advanced technology in the field of dentistry, the advent of clear aligners like Invisalign has been proven noteworthy. Invisalign near me has been so convenient in Covington with the best possible options. It has been found that Invisalign is capable of straightening your teeth at a quicker pace in comparison to traditional braces. Your dentist is most likely to recommend you wear Invisalign for over 20-22 hours daily. Practicing this is considered effective for getting the best results. However, it is believed that you will be able to see signs of improvement within the three months since your treatment starts. If you see no notable progress, you must visit your dentist for urgent consultation. On average, Invisalign is found to take over 2 years to straighten teeth, sometimes as fast as 6 months. This is completely dependent upon the oral health that you perceive. 

Get Your Smile Back With Invisalign In Covington 

Not sure what to do about crooked teeth? Want to transform your oral hygiene? Then Invisalign is here to help. We at NW Family Dental Care are here to provide you with the best Invisalign options followed by the best services. Invisalign in Covington is made easy with our range of treatments for giving you straight teeth like before. Consult with our skilled dentists and get amazed by our services today!

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